Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fundy National Park

I was recently on vacation in New Brunswick, Canada.  Since I already have a park pass, I decided to drop into Fundy National Park to check it out as it's been at least 10 years since I was last there.

The park is relatively small, at least in comparison to those in the rockies.  It has 3 campgrounds, two of which have many accommodations, with the other more rustic.

 I decided to do a short hike while there as well and picked the Mathews Head loop near the water.

I wouldn't categorize it as an easy trail but perhaps moderate since there are a few steep climbs up the costal cliffs.  The senery is very nice as you get some beutaful views from the water facing cliffs along the trail.

As usual here is the track and elevation profile from the hike.

Here are some pictures from the hike.  It was fairly foggy when we were hiking but you can be assured the views are very impressive once it clears.

If anyone wants GPS coordinates from the area please leave a comment and i'll get them over to you.

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